Concern Over Food Safety and Recalls

What is the general concern over all these recalls we have been seeing in the past few years? In 2006 a few wild birds flew over a spinach field and the salad industry fell apart. In 2007 Topps imported some beef trim from Canada and had to recall 20 million lbs of ground beef. Hallmark recalled 143 million pounds of beef last year and now the cost of the peanut recall is reaching $1 billion.

I want to put healthy, SAFE food in front of my son every night but worry. A friend has a system for "field to fork" traceability of food that is cost effective and has been certified by the USDA. The problem is that he cannot find an investor to help him get off the ground and the system already runs. Venture funds will invest in dating websites or video games but not in something that saves lives.

Does everyone understand the magnitude of the problem? 5,000 people die in the US every year from food contamination. 325,000 are hospitalized. There are 100 million head of cattle in the US and 100,000 go to processing each day. This is big business and a big problem. My friend's solution will allow you to check each package of food for recall in your home easily and inexpensively. This is something I personally want to have.

Does anyone have any idea how we can tell the food industry we want this problem solved?

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