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Cheesecake dilemma!

I have been trying to bake cheesecakes, the filling and crust comes out perfect, nice and smooth and rich, the crust light and complimenting. But when it comes to the sides and the top I am really losing it!

I have had a couple puff up bad and turn completely brown all across the top then to make matters worse, it cracks. I then tried covering the top loosely with foil. The very top is white, but the sides and the rim were brown.

I have tried water bath with the same results. I have tried cutting the temp by 25 degrees and the result was over 2 hours cook time with a brown rim and sides. I am cooking in an electric conventional oven—is that a factor?

My cousin just had a baby a few weeks ago. She loves my cheesecake, but I don't want to send an entire cheesecake over looking like an unfrosted flour cake! Is there anyone who has gone through this? Or should I throw in the towel on the cheesecake?

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