Animal Crackers - How Do You Eat Them?

When I was in college (nevermind my entier early childhood) I used to adore animal crackers. Not the ones that come from Barnum's (they always turned to mush too quickly in my mouth), but the ones from Stouffer's that were really crunchy and feature elephants and camels. I haven't really eaten them in years, and I started craving them the other day. I couldn't find the ones that I remembered until I went to Target, and I now I am the proud owner of ones of the largest bags of animal crackers that I have ever seen (so in love!).

So, while I was happily munching away (I really need to learn to limit myself, I am alsomot 1/3 through already, and I only bought is yesterday), I got to thinking about how people eat them. People tend to eat things like Easter bunnies or gummy bears ina specific way, like head first or tail first. So, how do you eat animal crackers? Do you prefer the frosted ones that you can lick the icing from first? Or the softer, Barnum's-style ones that melt in your mouth?

I prefer the Stouffer's, and I tend to eat them in animal preference order, leaving the camels and elephants to the end (saving the best for last, of course). And usually eat the apendages first, and then put the rest in my mouth and suck on them until they turn to mush....ahhh, memories!

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