New York

V-Day Hole in the Wall in NYC?

Last minute trip to Manhattan this weekend. Odds of finding a nice restaurant reservation are nil, not to mention that the idea makes me a little terrified (hordes and hordes of dewy-eyed diners, "special" menus, etc).

So, we'll have to feed ourselves somehow, and think this is a fine time to seek out a tasty local hole in the wall that isn't trendy, talked about or overfull in order to increase the likelihood we'll find sustenance. Prefer something unique to NY, but willing to do anything!

We're staying near Times Square, but are willing to travel up and down Manhattan for the greasy, the spicy, and the uninterpretable menus.


(PS: we actually would like to attempt some fine dining for lunch on Saturday, but same last minute problem -- any recs for a place that would be likely to have seats open? Sky is the limit).

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