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Tips, recipe for pie crust

Hi all,
Does anyone have a recipe for a pie crust using all butter that is easy to roll out - with that tips for rolling out dough? My mom helped with the blackberry-blueberry pie with lemon cornmeal crust from Fine Cooking. The dough contained cornmeal, flour, butter, shortening, lemon juice and ice cold water, sugar and salt. She rolled out one ball of dough and then I tried. The dough fell apart when I went to roll it out. Mom gave the dough a massage and I rolled from there. The finished product looked like a continent on a world map.

How do you get a circle? Is there a maximum time dough can be left in the refrigerator?
Does anyone have luck with a crust that has both butter and shortening. I'm a fan of the all-butter crust, for its flavor and naturalness (no trans fats). Thank you for any advice.

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