The 20 Dishes you need to know

If you were going to cook regularly for friends and/or family, 5 nights a week, you would basically need 20 recipes to get your through a month.
This allows for dining out, and pizza night once a week as an example.

What 20 dishes, should every home cook know? i have some thoughts here, with a decided italian slant. In no particular order, but am struggling to complete 20 dishes that most people would not mind having 12 times a year.

- hotdogs and hamburgers (should have a good hamburger recipe, such as a mix of cuts of meat. Not just store bought ground beef).
- spaghetti and meatballs (any kind of meatballs for variety)
- chicken parmesan
- Risotto (any kind)
- Stir fry vegetables and protein over rice
- Lasagna
- Grilled tuna
- Chili
- Tacos (braise your own meat).
- Roast chicken
- Pork chops
- Muscles (i like them steamed with white wine and some dice tomato with a finely minced serrano pepper).
- Green curry chicken with vegetables. If you've never made this at home, it is so easy...
- Mac n cheese

Any suggestions on what else can be made that most people won't mind eating once a month?


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