Eating Out

Tasting menu/fine dining etiquette

I have a decent amount of experience in upscale dining; however it has been awhile. A close friend is coming to visit me and has offered to take me to dinner anywhere I want. I chose Le RĂªve here in San Antonio (so excited!!). We're planning on going all out - 8 course tasting menu with wine pairings.

I'm not concerned so much about what to wear (we're both female) or which forks to use, I understand that sort of thing. However I've never done a tasting menu, any tips on what to expect? Neither of us are picky eaters but what if there's a course that falls under my small "will not eat" category? Also, I am in charge of tipping - who do I tip besides our waiter and how much? Thanks in advance everyone.. this is also my first post here in the forums.

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