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Help with bread

Hi there - I am a relative newbie to this website/blog, and I love it dearly! I can hardly wait until lunch to read the things that everyone is saying. You guys are wonderful. Having said that, I need your help. I am desperate to make a fabulous loaf of bread. I have searched this blog for advice (I'm actually eating a turkey sandwich right now on beer bread from a recipe I found in the archives, and have intentions of making Seriously Multi Grain bread this weekend!), but I don't quite see what I need; hence the new thread.

I have tried so many ways, done much reasearch, and am guessing my mistake(s) comes down to improperly kneading my dough. Does anyone have any specific advice/insight/hints for this problem that would translate well to written word? I need help with knowing how to move my hands, how it should feel, and exactly when I've reached that magic level of elasticity.

I am falling in love with bread-making, and I want to my end result to show that love! Thanks in advance with any advice you can offer.

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