Pantry 'Ghosts': Do You Have Them?

Every time I open one of my cupboards, I see two small jars of maraschino cherries, looking at me with sadness and despair. I didn't buy them, I got them as a part of a "cocktail gift basket" I received a year or two ago. Those of you who know me, know about my aversion to any dried, cooked or candied fruit, so most likely, these poor cherries don't have a chance to ever be used. But I cannot bring myself to just throw them away, so there they are.

Another "ghost" living in my cupboard is a jar with about a cup and a half of barley. I bought it once to use some in the cholent I was making for my father in law, and was left with this 1.5 cup. I don't eat barley, so it will probably live there until next cholent.

Do you have any pantry ghosts that just stay there, unused? What are they? Did you buy them hoping to "get to like them" one day or was it a gift?

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