Ordering sushi: how much?

Hi SE'ers.

I have long been in love with sushi (well, the vegetarian stuff.)

I frequently get takeout from the Japanese place behind my apartment, and my order is the same every time.

I'm curious about etiquette, I suppose. My boyfriend and I are going out with another couple next weekend to Morimoto in Philly.

My real question many rolls am I "supposed" to order? I always get two plus a soup and maybe edamame when I order out...but is that "normal"? I've never actually gone out to a nice place for sushi before. How many rolls do you all order for yourselves? Do you order a whole variety for the table to share?

Sorry for my ignorance--I just always get nervous to go out to nice restaurants...I always fret about messing up, or being clumsy. Thanks for any help :)

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