Do You Love Onions?

I'm beginning to feel like my great love of onions is a bit ... freakish. Today my mom told me that when I was little I'd take a bite out of an onion as if it were an apple and she and my dad would take it away from me because they thought it was gross or bad for me in some way.

I remember being in elementary school and having one of my favorite foods be a raw onion and mustard sandwich, sometimes with a Kraft Singles slice if we had them.

Now that I'm an adult I literally put garlic and onions in everything, but who doesn't, right? I love the burger joint across from my house because they mix loads of raw, chopped up onions with Thousand Islands dressing and put it over your fries. I eat the onions other people take off their burger. I could eat a bowl of caramelized onions as if it were a meal in and of itself.

My boyfriend, of course, thinks all of this is disgusting. Aside from the bad breath it may give me, he has some weird aversion to raw onions and has successfully managed to convince me that my love of onions is a bit extreme and weird.

So, let's hear it: Am I gross? Are there fellow onion lovers on SE?How much do you love onions?

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