Bourbon Drinkers Heaven

try this recipe if ur a bourbon lover like me!
i developed it while i was day bartender at stand in manhattan.
i use 2oz bourbon because i like it strong, adjust to taste. real impression maker and crowd pleaser!

The Annual

2 oz Bourbon, i use Makers Mark
2 oz fresh ginger base(see recipe below)
squeeze of lemon, drop in
dash of simple syrup
top with soda water
drop marashino cherry as garnish/finisher

-combine all ingredients BESIDES soda water and cherry, toss 3xs, pour over ice, top with soda water and cherry.

ginger base-
youll have to play with this one
1. take 5 peices of fresh ginger
-add lemon juice and simple syrup, to taste. you can add more later so be modest at first
-blend at highest speed until as thin as possible
-let rest over a mesh strainer until ALL juice is out, can use a tool to press quicker


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