Winning haiku? No "Look Who's Talkin'" last week?

I love the variety of articles the staff puts together, but have the commenters been relegated to the back seat?

I'd like to see the winning haiku for the Snow's BBQ Brisket contest, wouldn't you? And what happened to posting contest winners on the home page? If more than random pick, all of us who wrote something would really like to see what constitutes a winning entry.. You did post all winners for a little while after we asked, but they've disappeared to the "about" section again.

I always look forward to Look Who's Talkin' on the home page which used to come out on Friday, then sometimes Saturday or even Sunday. I noticed a few staff members obviously only read through some comments on that day or the day before. I didn't see it at all last weekend. I like to see really funny or really smart comments. If they're mine, even better...haha. I look forward to it, and missed it. Sometimes I read something and think, "That should be in the Look Who's Talkin' this weekend." Maybe, we should submit OUR favorites if the staff is too busy - we commenters probably read more in the Talk section than the staff? That's a question, not a fact, since I have no idea. Anyway, don't leave it in the dust, please?

And, I'm not so sure I like my topics being edited. Feels like a heavy hand. I put thought into them - they never just say Help, but are constructed to garner interest in the topic. Just sayin'.


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