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There used to be definitions of the talk categories somewhere, but now that you've got the "front burner" thing, maybe that would be a good place to post them, in clear view.

Nice title, by the way...front burner...

Anyway, this is the way I understand them (or not):

Site feedback is feedback on the site itself, not feedback on specific postings or articles.

New York is obviously things related specifically to NY. And maybe not of much interest to a broader audience that isn't familiar with NY.

Food Media and News is about stuff we've read or seen on TV or heard on radio. (Stuff from/about blogs, too?) But we're not reporting the news, we're talking about what has already been published, correct?

Eating Out is about restaurants, fast food, takeout/delivery -- should grocery store topics be in here as well? Maybe "Buying food"? But this is more about us buying already cooked food, rather than chat about food that we're cooking for ourselves, so maybe groceries don't go here. Also, since there's also an Eating Out section, is this confusing when people are clicking around?

Cooking and baking is the nuts and bolts of cooking and baking and mixing and grilling. this the place for shopping/ingredient questions? In my mind, yes. Maybe?

Food and Drink is sort of a kitchen table discussion of food/cooking/eating related topics. Stuff that doesn't fit neatly in the above sections.

Am I close?

I'm not saying there should be rigid rules on where things go, particularly since some things could fit in multiple categories (ie, a query about a recreating a recipe from a restaurant in NY could go in NY or Eating Out or Cooking and Baking) but since there are categories, it might be nice to define them again.


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