Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Don't?

I always feel like a nut. I love them everywhere - salads, rice, couscous, pesto, bread and rolls, cakes and muffins, cookies and ice cream... oh, and on their own!

I love them all, but my absolute favourite can't-live-without nuts are:

* pistachios - best "on its own" nut as far as I'm concerned. And who could forget pistachio ice cream!

* hazelnuts - one word: Nutella! Quite spectacular in biscotti, too.

* pine nuts- salads, couscous, tartlets, even sprinkled over hummus!

* walnuts - one of my favourites in salads and muffins

* almonds - oh so many uses! Great on their own, sliced and toasted in nearly anything almondine, crushed in cookies, slivered in salads...

Cashews and Brasil nuts are also right up there...ironically, the only nut that I wouldn't miss all that much is peanut (I know, I know, it's a legume, but it can be called a "nut" for the purpose of this thread).

So are you nuts about nuts? Which are your favourite and which ones you don't care for? Are there any foods where you find nuts objectionable?

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