Serious Efforts: Question for the Caterers - Roasted Potatoes

This summer I'm catering an outdoor wedding with no kitchen. I only live 1/4 mile from the venue, so I'm good w/everything that needs to be kept cold. Our proteins are going to be grilled, and we're doing grilled veggies too. We have a traveling grill that is 4'x4' for the proteins & veggies.

The dilemma I have is the potatoes. The bride and groom want roasted potatoes. It's non-negotiable. The bride's mom loves my roasted potatoes. I'd love to do them ahead of timeā€”just not sure about reheating.

I'd have to put them in my metal steam table pans and reheat on the grill. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for keeping them crispy outside and soft inside without overcooking? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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