Rediscoving old food favorites. Have you? I sure have!

The week before last, I was jonesing for Mollie Katzen's Brazillian black bean soup. All my MK cookbooks had been lent and never returned. The very cool @littlestcapy and @chgoeditor found it for me. Which got me to reorder my missing books. All these dishes that I was sure I would remember forever and then promptly forgot how to make came swooping down. I was in a cooking frenzy this weekend, making so many of my old favorites. It was awesome! OMG, her Tunisian Eggplant Appetizer, her Gingery Chickpeas. Which got me to thinking about food that I'd eaten and loved for years and then just sort of forgot about. And then found again and fell in love with anew.

Do you have any foods that you'd put in that category? Stuff that was a mainstay and then just sorta disappeared only to come back front and center on your dinner table?

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