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Ace Assortment: Does Anyone Remember This Cookie from Days Gone By?

Does anyone out there remember a cookie assortment called "ACE" assortment...The assortment consisted of vanilla and chocolate cookies shaped like a deck of cards--the chocolate cookies were the spades and clubs and the vanilla, hearts and diamonds.. These cookies were mentioned during the holidays and were just mentioned today by a neighbor. My neighbor loved these and was trying to search online for them, on sites such as Hometown favorites and Nostalgic food. They were from his childhood--(ranging from late 1960's and discontinued sometime during the late 1970's.) I don't remember them as these cookies were before my time, but I have been trying to locate them, to no avail...They may be a Nabisco product but we're not sure...If anyone can give us any info on that product, it would be so appreciated!!!

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