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Kids in the Kitchen Cooking

My conversation last night with dd, one of the daughters of our Donnie, got me remembering cooking with my daughters. They started out on a stool doing simple age appropriate tasks, and moved on to making meals all on their own. There was some wasteful creativity (don't ask), but they both love food. I was talking to my youngest daughter yesterday, who just moved into a house with a bunch of other people. She said if she tells the guys (sorry about the assumption that guys don't cook - just the case in that house) what ingredients she needs and offers to cook, they'll do the shopping and pay for the food. I never thought of that particular bonus to knowing how to cook. ;)

My mother also encouraged us to help out and cook and the traditions got passed on. Do you have kids in the kitchen cooking? Tell us what you like to make or help make, if you're still with us 10 year old dd?

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