"Don't eat dairy when you have a cold"--old wives tale or not?

I know we've done topics about crazy old wives' tales and sickness, like eating a turnip while hopping on one foot during the full moon to cure boils.

But I have kind of a gross question that has been on my mind, as I've been mainlining Sudafed since Sunday (I blame it all on you people, because I clicked on the 'food to eat when you're sick' thread, and then I thought, thank goodness I'm not sick, and woke up like this!).

I've always heard not to eat any dairy products when you have a cold, because it supposedly encourages phlegm production. I've also heard that it's only the fat in dairy products, and fat free dairy products are okay. Also head that both are myths.

I don't eat much dairy but am currently suffering an addiction to fat-free Fage, which I've still been eating.

Just wondering if based on your own experience, or knowledge, if this is true.

Sorry if this is gross and/or has topic overlap (ducks in fear). Blame the Sudafed if you think it's too gnarly to ask?

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