Culinary Blasphemy!

SE, I've missed you. While I've been in Hungary for the past two weeks, you've moved on without me, and I will be forced to play catch up.

But, I'm back! And, I'm here to say THIS:

I would never eat in France again if I could eat in Hungary everyday at my great aunt's house.

She's been cooking on an old school wood burning stove for 55 years or so. Watching her bake in that thing is a something to marvel at. And, can I mention that she doesn't have ANY counter space? She has the stove, her sink, and a cabinet to store dishes and such. That's all. She has this little table next to her stove that she does everything it. It comes up mid thigh so she (in her 70s) is all the way down to need dough.


Who wants to go eat Hungarian food with me in April?

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