Babette's Feast at Per Se

Wow. Never have I been so excited to see an email, then crushed because never in my life would I spend that amount of money. I'm sure many have heard of this, but on Friday Per Se is screening one of my favorite film's Babette's Feast, then recreates the meal from the film, with wine pairings. The cost? $3500.00 for one, $6k for two. You can check out for the deets, I couldn't cut and paste to show you the menu.

Sigh, any really generous person out there want to sponsor me? I speak Swedish, and could help translate! :) (Ok, ok, I know it's in Danish, but the languages are really really similar)

Apologies if this isn't the place to post this kind of info, but I just had to share with those that would totally get it...

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