A Request ... (For A Veg Liaison)

Dear Serious Eats,

So in the Tofu Way or No Way thread, several posters mentioned that they would be interested in nondairy ice creams/ whipped creams/ cheesecakes, but that they had never heard that there were tasty alternatives to dairy products.

I really think Serious Eats should consider creating a Vegan Liaison. The Liaison would blog about vegetarian/vegan food culture (there are large veg foodie communities in D.C., NYC, and Portland, for example), dining out and grocery shopping, recipes, and product and cookbook reviews. For example, why hasn't speculaas butter (yes, a nutella-like paste made from cookies!) taken off like wildfire?

For one thing, this would answer the occasional complaint that SE isn't veg-friendly. Two, this would help health-minded or intolerant individuals (or those with veg relatives) learn about the wide range of products/ restaurants that can accomodate their needs. Three, it would create a neutral place to celebrate vegan food - many vegans and vegetarians *are* foodies who love cooking, baking, trying new recipes and exploring local restaurant scenes, and it would be nice to see proof on the SE forum.

I would of course throw my hat into the ring if you would like to see some samples of what I have in mind (I write for a living and do freelance recipe testing for fun, and I live in DC, a great place for veg-lovers). But if not, it would be wonderful to see SE tackle this subject matter.

Just a suggestion ... and one that I do hope you will consider.




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