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Where has all the Food Coloring Gone?!?!

After years of using the same box of food coloring (you know the one, little round plastic bottles with pointy tops lined up in a cardboard box?) I FINALLY ran out, and put food coloring on my grocery list. At my regular grocery store, it was nowhere to be found. Thinking they must be out of it, I go to WF; also nowhere to be found. A couple of weeks later I went back to the original grocery store, and find that not only are they out, but they don't carry it anymore! My mom said the same thing happened to her, and she had to order special fondant dyes from a catalogue.

Shouldn't food coloring be a staple in any basic grocery store? At least, I know it used to be! I don't use it often, but does anyone know of any reason it seems to be less popular than it used to be?

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