Oh crap, the dog ate the....

In a show of good faith and holiday cheer, my boyfriend and I recently adopted a stray dog. We couldn't find a home for him and didn't have the heart to bring him to the pound. During the past few weeks, he has proven to be an entertaining, albeit slightly unruly, 60 pound addition to our family. For Thanksgiving, he showed HIS thankfulness by eating:

An entire apple pie
A tray of streusel-topped pear muffins
A half-dozen bagels
4 clementines
A bowl of sweet and spicy pecans
Giblets, picked clean from the bag
Crudite, asparagus only

Luckily, this was over several days, he didn't get into anything harmful, and we've learned to keep all human food wayyyy out of his reach. But it leads me to my next question....

Any furry friends ever get into your holiday eats?

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