Cooking and Baking

Lay out your cookie tray for me, see if we need to trade recipes

DB's holiday baking thread got me thinking. I tried this too early before. Let's tell what cookies we will actually be making for our cookie trays and then we can share recipes and ideas that are different from our own. I already want Ande's macaroons and I'm trying to remember who had the rum or bourbon balls.
Snowflake cookies a.k.a. chocolate crinkles
lemon bars
Cookies while you sleep a.k.a. meringue cookies
pumpkin cookies
sugar cookies with frosting
lemon shortbread
chocolate covered peanut butter balls
and, these ridiculously cute, somewhat labor intensive Pretzel snowmen. They are giant pretzel sticks, top half covered in white chocolate, mini choco chip eyes and buttons, sugared fruit jelly hats and smiles.
Sometimes pop rock cutouts
Hanukkah Gelt

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