Goofy kitchen appliances (please don't buy that for me!)

I was out Christmas shopping and of course I had to check out the kitchen gadgets and whatnot at the stores, and as usual I was stopped in my tracks by a device that I just couldn't believe.

As in, who would want one of these things?

It was billed as an automatic doughnut machine. About 3 feet long, I'd estimate. It's basically a deep fryer with a dough dispenser on one end and a ferris-wheel like device on the other end that pulls the floating doughnuts from the fat.

And no, it's not a commercial machine, it's a plastic gizmo that cost over $100 and looked like a toy. And I bet it's a pain to take apart and clean.

I thought the steam-n-mash for cooking and mashing potatoes was silly, but at least you might eat mashed potatoes on a regular basis. But who's gonna make enough doughnuts to justify the cost and the storage space for this monstrosity?

It's obviously not a foodie gift, but I have a hard time imagining who would want this, unless it's someone with a lot of space, too much money, and kids who eat a lot of doughnuts.

So, have you seen any amazingly ridiculous cooking devices?

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