Fondant and truffle train wreck: Fellow sufferers, any insights?

Well, it's been quite a day. I made fondant according to my usual recipe, and, even with my boyfriend and I taking turns for an hour, it wouldn't come together as fondant. Discouraged, I turned to item two on the list: truffles. Same recipe as always. The mix broke. It is a revolting greasy mess.

Fondant involved 5 C. sugar, 1.5 C. water, 1tbsp vinegar. Boiled to 114C (237F), and acted correctly for the soft ball stage. Cooled to the room temperature and worked vigorously. Then... nothing.

Truffles involved 0.5 C. cream, heated to simmer, and poured over 227g (8oz) coarsely chopped chocolate (73%). Then, as I mixed, the whole thing broke.

Anyone ever have similar experiences? Discovered the cause?


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