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Chocolate Pixies

You were all so amazing in your response to my thanksgiving query, I am appealing to you once again.

Years ago I found the most amazing recipe for chocolate cookies rolled in powdered sugar. They looked very much like the ones on the home page, but were much simpler to make; no rum or pistachios, just pure unadulterated chocolate! Alas, the recipe got lost some years ago, but my family's annual wish is always the same - to make these cookies. So, I am appealing to all you serious food addicts this year. Does anyone remember these Pixies, or have a chocoholic favorite they'd be willing to share?

BTW, my 24 pound stuffed turkey got roasted upside down in a 325 degree oven - it was the best turkey I've cooked in years...with no mishaps turning it for the last 45 minutes.

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