Add a 'Professional-level efforts/topics' category, please?

A couple of recent postings suggest that there really is room for a conversation category that is strictly nuts-and-bolts, no fooling about; a category where the irrelevant, hearsay, and pure visceral reaction are in the category of 'inappropriate content', and would be removed as such.

This would be a category in which BOTH the thread topics and the responses posted to them were objective, matter-of-fact, AND previously researched (if you're serious about something, it isn't reasonable to expect other people to do your research for you, Google it, or go to the library before asking!) So, no 'WHAT IS fermented shark?' in this category, since that can be looked up or asked elsewhere).

For example, a starting question such as 'Has anyone made fermented shark?' stated as a simple unadorned query; responses would be only objective, first-hand accounts.
No 'GROSS! Why do you want to cook that?' or 'that's too difficult to do at home' or 'That is a bad idea, you shouldn't do it';
once someone has reached the point of wanting to know whether or not anyone has tried an ingredient, source, or technique, then that is that--not opinions or reminisces--which they want to hear about.

So what do you think? Wouldn't a category dedicated to high-level technical questions remove ease some of the grouchiness that's been evident in the forums recently?


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