What to eat the night before Thanksgiving?

My inlaws will hit ground around mid-afternoon the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then will proceed to be "in the house" (both literally and figuratively) as we put together the holiday meal.

We do not like to go out to supper the night before Thanksgiving because we have too much work to do on the festive meal. I also would like to avoid cooking something different entirely when I am struggling to keep enough measuring implements, bowls and pans clean for cooking as DH and I use them.

I would love to find something that could be cooked and assembled the weekend before Thanksgiving and then frozen and either reheated or baked on Wednesday afternoon. Quick and easy would be a bonus. I am not averse to throwing a side salad together to accompany, but do not want to do much more actual cooking than that so DH and I can concentrate on the preparations for the festivities.

Any suggestions? Recipes?

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