Cooking and Baking

What did you cook this weekend?

This past weekend included some entertaining for family from out of town. My parents and my wife's cousins from Montreal. All were here for a surprise b'day party for my MiL (her 65th).

I decided to make a dish that I know that my parents have never had before, so I set out to make Osso Buco something that I haven't made since culinary school. I bought 11lbs of shanks, got taken to the cleaners by the bucher shop, won't go there again, but it was a necessity situation.

At the last minute, we decided to invite my wife's cousin and his family to join us for dinner as I had made plenty.

While the Osso Buco was cooking, I also smoked 2 briskets.

What about you? What did you cook this weekend?


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