Staying on a (weight reducing) diet during the holidays

It's been a busy news season, so the local news stations haven't been doing the usual 'omgawd! Do you know how many calories are in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner' segments yet. However, although I'm trying to maintain right now, rather than lose, I've been thinking--we've been talking a lot about people with special diets and entertaining in the threads: are you offended when someone says they are on a diet and eats minimally during Thanksgiving or another event?

I ask because when I have been on a diet around this time it seems like there is extra pressure to eat something 'just because I made it specially' or because 'you have to indulge because it's X,' even if I might not feel like indulging.

Also, when you know someone else is on a diet, it can be dicey to offer them decadent foods--you don't want to tempt them, but nor do you want to send the message 'you can't go off the wagon this once,' if they want to have a treat.

So how do you deal with the situation of dieting during the holiday, either your own diet, or entertaining someone trying to lose weight?


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