Have you calculated the costs of 'home-made'?

With the economy not looking so great these days, have any of you done some numbers-crunching on home-made versions of certain foods?

Frozen chicken thighs+backs have been heavily discounted at a local supermarket (about $2.50/kilo), so I bought half a dozen bags, and began making chicken broth.

Afterwards, I decided to pick the meat from the bones, for later use. My boyfriend wondered how much waste came out of the original 2 kilos (about 4 pounds) of chicken thigh and backs, so we weighed it: about 40% of the original weight gets binned.

This got me wondering about the cost of making broth at home: Figuring in the hour of electricity involved (electric stove), it cost about $8.50 (possibly less; we went for the outside figure for the electricity) for 2 litres of broth, plus a bit over 600g of meat for use in pasta filling or something.

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