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Have any of you cooked with tobacco?

I have a sort of vague recollection of this being a brief fad in the culinary world, when I was in my teens, but can't remember much about it. I didn't pay attention.

Now, I'm seriously considering it as a flavouring for this year's chocolate truffles.
I thought a bit about what I might add to the mix that would resonate without adding an alien or pointless note, and rejected everything except espresso (I'm toying with the idea of ground cinnamon or cardamom). Then I wondered if I could think of at least one other flavour that would work as well... and thought of tobacco. I'm aware of the risks of nicotine poisoning, and making the flavour too strong. On the other hand, there IS chewing tobacco (I know that it's spit out, not swallowed, but some of it must be absorbed), and I'm thinking in terms of adding perhaps half a dozen shreds of tobacco to the mixture.

Have any of you experimented with tobacco as a flavouring ingredient, and if so, what were your experiences?

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