ChiliHeads Unite!

So, I've been a part of this website, viewing, posting and making the occasional topic for several months now and I enjoy many aspects of this site... the pizza, the burgers, the photos and all the articles and finding various restaurants and recipes.

I'm making a trip back home to New Jersey in a few weeks and plan on spending a day in NYC. I've compiled my list of various places I now need to go eat at.

But this is not why I have your rapt attention at the moment... it's because of what my header was and I believe this website is lacking in once certain area.... the chilihead.... all of you out there that seriously crave hot, spicy food and can shoot Tabasco sauce intravenously into your veins. I'm talking about the people who cook with and live and breathe hot food. Those of you who need that little bit of sweat beading off your forehead when you take a bite of that really good habanero salsa.

Chili peppers go great with everything from eggs to chocolate brownies and even pairs up nicely with pizza and burgers....and most all types of food have some spicy things in there, Thai, Italian, Jamaican, Mexican and Japanese.

I am making a little plea out there to the powers that be to add another offshoot to this very website like Slice or AHT, dedicated to the chili pepper and all things spicy and I am looking to all the members out there who agree with this. Make posts to this thread and see what we can shake up....

First thing... our offshoot needs a name... I'm pretty sure that chiliheads is taken and might very well be copyrighted....

so let's get with the creativity and see what the Serious Eats community can come up with....

thanks all.................

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