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Baked Beans & Caviar: What Movie?

Slightly strange question, but I'm hoping my fellow food obsessed will know what I'm talking about...
I recall watching a movie (comedy, maybe from the mid to late 80s?) where there's a scene, the protagonist is a classic buffoon. Goes to a party where there is a tin of super expensive caviar and for some reason, decides to add a tin of baked beans on top of it, much to the absolute horror of the host...

(I could be wrong: this could be from a tv show, and it could be ketchup on foie gras or pate, but the more I think about it, the more certain I am that it was baked beans on caviar, because there was a horror-related-to-cost issue...)

So my question is: does anyone remember this movie? What it's called, who's in it? Thanks :)

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