purple potatoes?

So, lately i've seen these little purple potatoes in my grocery store...they're a little smaller than new potatoes and a bit longer, so kinda like slightly bigger finger potatoes...anyone know what i'm talking about?
Anyway, here's the conundrum. These potatoes, frankly, look awesome. I mean, they're potatoes, but...they're purple. Which is, at least in terms of potatoes, enough to make me quite happy.

by the way, are the potatoes themselves actually purple, or just the skin on the outside? cos as awesome as purple potatoes are, that'd just be one more extra awesome point if the meat itself were purple as well, or really just any color except for white/whitish.

Anyhow, back to said conundrum. So these potatoes look rad, but they're also kinda pricey. Were I to buy said purple potatoes, what could I do with them? normal potato-ey things, I would guess--boil/steam, bake, mash, fry, etc. But for purple potatoes, all these presentations just seem...pedestrian. I want dishes as flamboyant in nature as these potatoes are in appearance. Any thoughts?

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