Punk Rock Kitchen

I love music about as much as I love cooking, which is to say a lot. When I can combine the two, it's a pretty divine experience.

I grew up listening to a lot of punk music. I've since developed new (and even stranger) tastes, but I've noticed that my cooking playlists usually contain one of the following songs:

Venus in Furs- The Velvet Underground
Wild in the Streets- The Circle Jerks
So Far Away- Social Distortion
Brother James- Sonic Youth
Matrimony- The Avett Brothers
Tame- The Pixies
Flamin' Red- Patti Griffin
Strange Times- The Black Keys

I could go on forever, but I'll stop. My "cooking playlists" (as I've come to call them) are massive, especially if the meal is complicated.

What about everyone else, what are you listening to when you cook? Do the quickly approaching holidays impact your music choices?


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