Is it too early to talk about letters to Santa?

DISCLAIMER: Each December, my family celebrates its own version of Christmas. If your family celebrates some other mass-commercialist gift-exchange-oriented winter holiday, please rephrase the query to suit your needs, and post accordingly!

Although it’s only October, and most people’s minds are on the election and the trainwreck known as The Economy, my mind has begun drifting to the pressing matter of wish lists. I’ve begun nagging the youngest of our children (teenagers) to get their lists to me ASAP if they hope to have any chance of influencing my purchase decisions. I've asked Mr. LoCo, the man who has everything, to drop me at least a few hints. I adore my family. But since their last-minute shopping crises invariably become mine, and since those crises typically involve gifts for me (which is really not at all cool), I’ve also begun working on my own wish list to help prevent any such unpleasantness.

My letter to Santa tends to be quite detailed, especially if I’m requesting things for My Kitchen. I tend to specify brands and model numbers. I offer vendor recommendations wherever possible. Sometimes I even include MSRP to help the kiddos be responsible bargain hunters. (yes, I have OCD tendencies.)

So, although I do actually keep up an active wish list pretty much throughout the year, I’m oh so curious to know what will be on the wish lists of Serious Eaters everywhere! I do have an ulterior motive: In the past, you’ve mentioned some things that were on YOUR lists that I later wished I’d thought to put on MINE!

So, what are kitchen contraptions are you coveting this Christmas? HHHhhhmmmm?

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