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Homemade Proscuitto?

Years ago we attended a picnic where one of the attendees brought slices of homemade proscuitto. It was wonderful - much more flavorful than store-bought. Since then, I have (on and off) tried to search for a recipe to make a proscuitto @ home. Unfortunately, any recipes I've found, have always been for using proscuitto, rather than making your own. (I've also tried using the term "country ham," which is related.) I know that making this involves at least a month, and includes salt-curing and smoking, but I have no details beyond those. I don't want to "experiment" with different ideas, since doing that could create a very unsafe/unhealthy/unstable product.

I do have a safe, secure "cold place" to store it while it's in-process. Any Serious Eats folks have any tried-and-true recipes? They'd certainly be appreciated!!

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