Feeling frustrated with the board software

I've waited a long while before posting this because I wanted to see if I could just get used to the way these boards work, but unfortunately that's not what happened.

I'm really frustrated with the forums on this site. The interface is clunky. My profile doesn't give me access to all my past posts. I can't figure out how to keep tabs on threads. The hierarchy of the threads seems erratic. There's nothing telling me if there are new posts in a particular thread. It just seems like this board software is very primitive and looks a lot more like blog comments than a discussion forum.

Has this issue been brought up before? Is there something being done about this?

I like this blog (family of blogs), but I don't see myself spending a lot of time in the forums if I have to put up with this software. I think it would be of great benefit to this site to put some work/money into improving the forums. A more convivial and sophisticated interface would surely attract more people and help develop a greater sense of community and probably increase traffic. I know that forums is not where the money is, but I believe the indirect benefits would be worth the effort.



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