Appliance Skins?

So, I was thinking about those really nice flames that Alton has on his KitchenAid, and although I really love the idea of putting skins on my own is great, I am not so sure that flames quite suit me. So, i was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could get different types, like stars, or racing stripes or something like that.

Also, does anyone know of a place that I could get something like that for grills (how cool to flames on my grill) or fridges and stoves? I have white appliances for the most part, and it's getting a little boring. I can't afford to get nicer appliances (I can't even afford a nice car, to be honest), but I want them to look a little nicer. Shy of taking a can of paint to them, does anyone have any ideas? Or have you done something to yours that you really like or turned out well?

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