Most ridiculous food-craving acts?

Sometimes the urge strikes, and it strikes HARD. :) I know we've all done potentially embarrassing things to satisfy that rumbling in our tummies or to grab a bite of that craving--and I'm not talking about eating ice cream out of the freezer at midnight, either. That's nothing. Any funny stories to share?

To start off with:

-Dumpster diving for bread (in my defense, it is THE BEST bread around, I hadn't had it for a year since I went to college, and the bakery was closed! Closed! after I'd trekked a mile to get there!!)

-Fridge crawling on the very last night before dorms closed at college. My friend scrounged fridges for appetizing leftovers, and I ended up eating half of someone's barely-touched Whole Foods carrot cake. Happy Birthday to you, Antho-(rest of name eaten)

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