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"Local" the newest advertising hook

I found this story in the NYT very interesting.

It's about time. When I was a kid, there was "peach season, tomato season, artichoke season" and "asparagus season." I hate to sound like an old fogey ("We had to walk 23 miles to school, uphill, in the snow!") kids today have no idea what's in season and even less of a sense of what's local. I live in FL and it's extremely frustrating to see citrus in supermarkets from every other country with an orange tree given so much of it grows here.

While a global economy might be nice (and I'm not completely convinced about that, either) it will do us all good to remember what comes from where and when...naturally. It seems like modern transport gave us the ability to pay a lower price for something grown halfway around the world during the off-season, we lost our grasp of what happens in our own backyards.

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