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Cooking in aluminum-HELP!!

So here i sit, typing away thru the tears... a fig chutney recipe gone terribly, awfully bad. Plenty of beautiful figs from the tree in my backyard, made plenty of preserves already and found a great sounding recipe for chutney made with RED WINE vinegar. Ok, i sez,no problem. I make pickles and all sorts of vinegar based things in my huge aluminum pot. Oh, WHITE vinegar. Hindsight is 20/20, right? I woke this morning to find an icky greenish scum all over the top of my pot of chutney. Obviously, all going to file 13. Anyone else have experiences like this? I dunno if the pot is ruined as well as the chutney... I am not an avid fan of cooking in aluminum to begin with but this pot was just the perfect size for a large batch of preserves or pickles or whatever. Oh well. Live and learn. (and but larger stainless steel pot).

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