Sugar-free Peeps.

I found this blurb while thumbing through a trade mag today at work:
"Just Born Candies will offer 3-count Peeps Sugar Free Pumpkins and Ghosts for Halloween 2008." (Candy Industry July 2008 Issue)

There is a picture of 3 cute little ghosties all snuggled together in their package.

Peeps. Without sugar. Sugar. Free. Peeps. I'm having trouble grasping the concept. The picture isn't very big so I can't verify my theory, but I'm assuming they don't have their traditional sugary coating and are made with a sugar substitute. Bleh. This definitely falls into the category of "Yeah it can be done, but should it be done?" A little of the real thing HAS to be better than a lot of its faux counterpart.

For the record, I can't stand Peeps. I just wanted to share this with my fellow Serious Eaters and see what you thought.

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