Eating Out

Eating in Chicago

Ate in Giordano's on Rush Street on July 3rd. We had to wait almost 1&1/2 hours. 30 minutes before you're supposed to be seated you go over to the cashiers to place your order . It takes at least 30 minutes to prepare and bake the deep dish stuffed speciality. We thought it was good but not great. Coming from NY we are really spoiled. The crust was thick and heavy and tasted to me like bisquick. The sauce (good tomato flavor but no spices) was good and it was interesting to have the cheese (very good) inside rather than on top. The prices were quite reasonable and we left full.

For a very good and reasonable hamburger check out Boston Blackies at 164 East Grand Avenue. It is around the corner from The Intercontinental Hotel on North Michigan. 312-958-6700

Chicago 's weather was wonderful (in the 70's) and July 4th was crazy with people at Millenium Park. The nearby Art Institute is free on Thursday nights. Chicago is a wonderful city with lots to do and a bus and rail system. You can take the train from O'Hare downtown for $2.00 If anyone has any questions about Chicago, I would do my best to answer them.

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