Airport Restaurants by Famous Chefs...

Anyone eaten at a Wolfgang Puck airport restaurant? Or Todd English's Bonfire? I've tried both - with mixed results.

The Puck establishments have been pretty consistent. We enjoyed fresh pizzas and entrees but I must admit, the aiports were not busy at the time and there was no "the kitchen is slammed" rush going on.

The English establishment was a real eye opener. After waiting to be seated for what seemed like an inordinately long time (plenty of visible empty tables), the food quality was extreme in all directions. Appetizer was beef tips on a guacamole-type cream with chopped tomatoes and bibb lettuce for wrapping - sublime. I ordered a portobello quesadilla which was humongous and delicious, not to mention perfectly garnished. BF ordered a chix breast sandwitch with cheddar on brioche with avocado. The chix breast was great but the bread was dry. The accompanying fries looked like the most perfect french fries I have ever seen - but they were stone cold.

It was the cold fries that spawned this revelation: I was lulled into a false sense of "this will be WONDERFUL" by the Todd English name, especially when compared to other available restaurants. (Let's see, Burger King v. Todd English?)

Overall - the experience was good but not stellar. The long, seemingly unnecessary wait time and the lack of "hustle" exhibited by the staff (at JFK, no less!), coupled with French fry-interruptus gave me pause.

Anyone else try these "famous name" airport eateries? Your experience?

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