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Big Apple BBQ Thoughts?

Did anyone else go to the Big Apple BBQ this weekend? It was ridiculously hot on Saturday, but I found myself there for about 4 hours, eating BBQ, drinking great beer, snagging a bite of an out-of-town friend's Shake Shack, and even catching Ed's BBQ talk. I felt like I was at a Disney World for BBQ! As per Ed's recommendation, I got Ed Mitchell's whole hog, which I wished had more crispy bits that would have reminded me that I was eating the whole pig! I had some of City Grocery's smoked crawfish and okra hushpuppies, washed down with Rogue's Dead Guy Gale, which just put me over for the top. Hours later, only a soft couch and the AC on full blast could bring me back to full consciousness.

Anyone else go to the festival? What did you eat?

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